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Coursework: Coursework is designed to facilitate mastery of California State Content Standards and to develop critical thinking skills. All activities — from simple review sheets or study questions to full length essays and formal presentations as well as classroom discussions and informal questions and answer sessions — promote these two primary goals, as well as create cross-curricular connections and encourage self-awareness. The range of activities reflects both the delight and challenge of literature while promoting the development of creative, knowledgeable, exploratory thinkers. For these reasons, students are encouraged to take full advantage of all the classroom opportunities, realizing that not everything that counts can be counted, tallied, and averaged into a GPA.

Essays and Major Assignments: Due dates for essays and major assignments are firm. However, papers will be accepted one day late with a loss of 50% of the earned points. Papers will not be accepted more than one day late. Printer and disk failures are not acceptable excuses for late papers. If a student is absent (even if excused) on the due date, essays and major projects must be sent to school on time, barring emergencies. (If a hard copy cannot be delivered to school, please e-mail it.) Should an emergency arise, please have a parent/guardian e-mail or call that day.

Daily/short-term assignments: These assignments are due at the beginning of class (or the first day back to school after a short-term absence). Should an emergency arise, please have a parent/guardian e-mail or call that day. All work, long-term or short-term assignments, is to be completed individually unless assigned as group work. Any evidence of plagiarism or cheating will result in zeroes for both students and consequences as per school discipline policy.

Attendance: See school policies. Make-up work for suspensions is subject to teacher policy.

Make-up work: Make-up work is the responsibility of the STUDENT. Work or tests missed due to a short-term excused absence for illness must be completed on the first day back to class. Work missed due to an excused absence for a field trip; vacation, appointment, or school activity is due in advance of the date of absence. In cases of prolonged illness or other extenuating circumstance, arrangements must be made with the teacher to clarify due dates. Work and tests missed due to an unexcused absence may not be made up. The student is responsible for clearing absences through the office. If the student fails to do so, no make-up work will be accepted as per school policy. A student who anticipates being absent on a certain date should consult with the teacher prior to that date to ensure that all work is completed in an acceptable time frame. Note: Makeup work is accepted; late work is not.

Grading: All essays, tests, and assignment have point values that reflect their importance. Points are cumulative for the semester. A percentage grouping for the English department is as follows:

100-90% = A
79-70% = C
below 60% = F

Class grades are based upon all work done in class and all assignments done out of class. The English Department adheres strictly to the above percentage grouping; points are not rounded up or down. There is no extra credit.

Classroom Participation: Classroom participation is essential to the learning process. As a good classroom participant, please abide by the guidelines of good citizenship.
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The Freshman Honors English program at Amador Valley High School is an enriched program designed to allow qualifying students the opportunity to write more analytically, to challenge their ideas, to participate in higher-level discussions, and to express their findings through writing, speaking, and project-based assessments. This course differs from regular courses in the level and amount of reading, writing, research, summer preparation, and overall time investment. Students are expected to be more self-directed, as well. While the Honors Program is open access, we do make recommendations to it based upon demonstrated skill level and interest. For that reason, it is important that those who enroll understand their responsibility when agreeing to participate in this class.

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[wptab name='Sample Schedules']
Selecting courses during high school is far more than simply planning which classes to take next year. It is important to view high school as a period of four years, during which you hope to meet a variety of personal goals: graduation, college eligibility or career and technical education, and skill development. Be aware of the requirements of each of your goals, and develop a Four-Year Plan to ensure that all necessary courses will be completed by graduation. Following are some sample four-year plans, designed to meet different goals. None of these plans will be perfect for any student. Rather, they are meant to serve as examples of how courses can be selected and scheduled to achieve various objectives.

Use these pages as a guide to begin planning our own personal course of study for your four years at Amador Valley High School. Review the samples provided, then pencil in the courses you plan to take, meeting the requirements that are most important to you.

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